The Mentalist Cho/Jane Slash
I've started making The Mentalist Cho/Jane slash fanvids. If anyone wants to see them head on over to my website. They are on The Mentalist page.  I've got more coming soon...

I wish I could find more of the fanfics for this pairing - there aren't many out there. I'm not a fanfic writer (though I've always wanted to try) - I'm more of a visual person so my stories come out through my fanvids.  :(  Hmmmm....If there are any fanfic writers out there want to write any of the stories that go along with my Cho/Jane fanvid stories I'd be thrilled!

I've Gone Here now
Well who needs YT! I found a comparable site, joined and have started putting my vids there. I will only post the vids I've made since quit posting to YT.  Now I can get my videos rated again and  I'm even featured on their home page! How cool! Oh and the sweetest thing for me is the same video that I go tmy "strike" at YT for (I want A New Drug)  - over at this place I have gotten 6 honors on it! Hooray!  Bite me YT! Who needs you anyway! Here's the link to my new home. Remember, my videos will always be at own website too ( and truth  be told the quality will probably always be better there then any other site. 

Here's my new home:


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