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The Mentalist Cho/Jane Slash
I've started making The Mentalist Cho/Jane slash fanvids. If anyone wants to see them head on over to my website. They are on The Mentalist page.  I've got more coming soon...

I wish I could find more of the fanfics for this pairing - there aren't many out there. I'm not a fanfic writer (though I've always wanted to try) - I'm more of a visual person so my stories come out through my fanvids.  :(  Hmmmm....If there are any fanfic writers out there want to write any of the stories that go along with my Cho/Jane fanvid stories I'd be thrilled!

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Thanks for your message I can't send one back because of the new feature on LJ, I'll take a look at your vids this weekend when I'm back home.

did you find my yahoo group for Mentalist slash? Come join we need more in this fandom :)


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